Reservation form

      Pension Grindelwald
 zip 390-1513
4269-10 Azumi-suzuran Matsumoto Nagano

 TEL +81-263-93-2316  FAX +81-263-93-2925

● It reserves on the phone. TEL +81-263-93-2316.
  In the IP phone, +81-50-3444-0543 lack the use.
● It is entering in the requirements in the following reservation form Press the Submit button last.
● There is a phone or e-mail answer of the confirmation from us and it becomes reservation
● Excuse me, but when there is not an answer after 24 hours, too, after reservation sending
  Confirm on the phone to the above number
● In case of change and cancellation, always contact on the phone.
● As for the check-in, the check out becomes 10 a.m. from 3 p.m..
● In the staying day, the arrival always inform of 6 p.m. if being to do the style being which passes.

※ When the phone is only a mobile phone, enter in the box of phone .
Always enter E-mail address. The reply can not send it when there is not entering.

Name  indispensable
E-mail  indispensable
Zip code
Address  indispensable
Phone indispensable、other phone
Staying request date year month day  night
Use number of people adult  child  (meal for the adult meal for the child)
Staying plan
Room type  necessary rooms  necessary beds
Transportation  estimated time of arrival
Use of this pension First time  Repeater  
other matter to be communicated (Food which isn't eaten)

★The schoolchild with 10 year of age or older recommends a meal for the adult (+500 yen).
★ Understand that the case not to attach a room type to the hope is being .

If there is not a mistake When redoing  

Grindelwald Reservation form